The second annual Cyberscreen Science Film Festival took place this past weekend during the Science Online 2012 conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a resounding success, and all of our selected films were well received.

The Grand Prize winner in the Science Film category was Derek Mueller, for his physics film 'Mission Impossible: Graphene'. Derek wins an iPad 16GB wifi model courtesy of our fantastic sponsors at Autodesk.

Runner up in the Science Film Category was Henry Reich, whose film was a compilation of 4 of his 'Minute Physics' videos. Henry receives an original painting from science artist Michelle Banks.

Second runner up in the Science Film Category was Brian Malow, whose film 'My Love Affair with Space' documented his personal journey with the space shuttle mission. Brian wins an original art print by artist Nathaniel Gold.

Grand prize in the Maya Animation category went to Joji Tsuruga and Anca Risca for their short film about urbanization, 'Lilium urbanus'. Joji and Anca also receive a 16GB iPad wifi version.

Runner up in the Maya Animation Category was Hirofumi Seo for his short film 'Universe of the Cell 3D'. Hirofumi wins an original art print by Nathaniel Gold.

Second runner up in the Maya Animation Category was Geoffrey Cheung, for his film 'Metastatic Bone Pain'. Geoffrey wins an original art print by Nathaniel Gold.

Congratulations to all of our showcased film-makers, the decision on which films to show this year was very difficult!

Other films that were showcased at this year's festival were:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles, by Tom Linden, Grace Joyal, David McInnis, Carrie Gann and Mike Oniffrey.

Klebsiella, Salmonella, Legionella by Aryeh Rosenbaum.

Music, Movies and Emotion: An Evolutionary Connection, by Carl Scott, Crew Ginn, & Livia Bornigia.

SOUND AFFECTS - A Film on Ocean Noise, by Austin Gallagher and Erica Staaterman.

Sea Harmony, by Monika LaPlante.

Neuroplasticity, by Neil and Liz Losin.

Life Beneath the Mangroves, by John Bruno.

Aesthetic Species Maps, by David Montgomery.

Amino Acids from Interstellar Space, by Colin Schultz.

Cold Blooded Cannibals, by Nathan Dappen and Joris VanAlpen.

Beyond Planet Earth - Inside View, by Mindy Weisberger.

Cardiac Tamponade, by Hirofumi Seo.

I would like to extend an enormous thank-you to our main sponsor, the great folks at Autodesk. You can see by the animations submitted to this festival that Maya is powerful tool. Check out the 'Molecular Maya' plugin for some of the pieces featured in Hirofumi Seo's 'Universe of the Cell', and Geoffrey Cheung's 'Metastatic Bone Pain'. Other prize donors included National Center for Science Education, VIVO, Brendan O'Brien, Amoeba Mike and Colin Purrington. All film-makers selected for our festival will be receiving some fabulous swag.

Congratulations to you all, and get those submissions going for next year's festival!