Your ?PsiVid hosts, Carin Bondar and Joanne Manaster, will be watching the world of science film and video, and sharing our great finds with science enthusiasts like you.

The main focus of our blog will be science in new media. We plan to showcase films and videos that engage audiences for science in unique, innovative and inspiring ways. In addition to exhibiting the final products, we will host interviews with the folks who create them in order to reveal exactly how difficult (or how simple) they were to produce. We’re interested in exploring the entire spectrum of science-based film and video on the internet, from low budget youtube videos to high end CGI programming.

All this and much more:

  • ?Psi Vid will share information about current and forthcoming science film and video contests world-wide.
  • ?Psi Vid will keep you up to date on science film festivals and conferences that take place throughout the year.
  • ?Psi Vid will be hosting our own science video contests, on various scientific themes and with fantastic prizes!

We’d like to extend an open invitation to:

Science Video and Film Makers: we’d love to hear from you and possibly feature your work.

Professional science programming producers and directors: Your input and critiques can help our audience learn through an understanding of what works well and what does not.

Science experts: Weigh in on the accuracy and effectiveness of the science presented in videos, TV or film!

Film Festival Coordinators at Scientific Conferences: ?Psi Vid is pleased to feature your event.

Science Video Contest Curators: We’re excited to tell our audience of opportunities to share their love of science!

And mostly, YOU, the video viewers: Keep us informed of the latest and greatest science videos out there. We also want to hear about what YOU like to watch most and WHY.

Contact us at:

Check out our facebook page: PsiVid at Scientific American or tweet us at: @psivid1

We’d like to acknowledge the awesome artwork of our banner artist Perrin Ireland, and our photographer Louis Shackleton. You can find out more about their work by visiting Perrin’s blog or Louis’ Flickr Page.