I had posted some time ago about one element often cropping up in viral videos: adorable animals, and in that case, sloths!

Viral videos are a fascinating phenomenon, as is the general pace of delivery within videos found on youtube, and the appeal of this "organic" medium to viewers where there are no "gatekeepers" so to speak, where anyone can make a video about anything and share it with the world.

My interest in the fast-paced world of internet video is one reason I write for this particular blog. PBS Off the Book has just released a new video that takes a look the phenomenon of viral videos, from a variety of perspectives. While the focus here is generally artistic, it certainly has messages for science.

"We are just starting to understand what happens when we open the power of video to the masses."

From their description: "Viral Video" is the signature phenomenon of internet media. Something akin to pop songs, these videos with irresistible hooks have saturated video culture online and have now evolved into a multitude of sophisticated forms. Whether rooted in comedy, spectacle, schadenfreude, cuteness, politics, performance, or deep meaning, the idea of viral videos, and the huge audiences they generate, have forever changed the values and potential impact of video online.

Do you have a favorite viral science video? Mine happens to be "A Glorious Dawn"