Last week a few of my twitter pals and I had a conversation about how we are proud to describe ourselves as 'crazy' and 'ridiculous'. Sparked by Mark Changizi's article at the Huffington Post on 'What to do about all the crazy, ridiculous research' out there, the general consensus was that sometimes what seem to be the most outlandish ideas are the ones that lead to the biggest advancements in science and elsewhere. Today the technology world lost a leader and an incredible inspiration - and I think that this video sums up what many of us are feeling about it right now. It was produced by Ken Segall as a remix of Apple's 'Think Different' commercial, and it is extremely moving. However you want to describe it - this short tribute was created in order to drive home the point that it's the 'out of the box' thinkers (yes the 'crazy' ones) that can change the world the most.

RIP Mr. Jobs