Earlier this week I was a guest on Breakfast Television Vancouver to discuss the portrayal of science in some recent blockbusters. The recent surge in science content in films and TV is something that I find genuinely encouraging. Public interest in subjects from immunology to forensics and even physics is expanding in part due to increased visibility in popular media (see this interesting piece from the Guardian on the subject). However, in my opinion Hollywood has an important responsibility to get the science right. It's no longer good enough to depict science in a flippant way, as a write off to the more 'important' aspects of the story (as one recent film does). More and more, directors are consulting closely with scientific experts in order to depict the subject matter appropriately - which is fantastic news for the movement to popularize subjects with 'taboo' status.

I'm looking forward to the spring lineup of films from both the mainstream and film festival circuits - there should be plenty to discuss when it comes to the portrayal of science. Stay tuned!

You can watch my interview HERE.