After three and a half years or so as a part of the SciAm blogging network, this my last post as a dedicated blog at Scientific American. There will be an announcement from SciAm about the reorganization of the blogging network, and PsiVid, where I've posted about science in TV, video and film along with Carin Bondar, is one of the many blogs being eliminated. I'll miss being a part of the SciAm family, but might return on occasion with a guest blog post or even conduct a future coordinated Read Science/SciAm hangout if it seems appropriate. Primarily though, you will find me where you always have, on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and on my soon to be renovated website, Joanne Loves Science.

I recentIy posted a reflection on 2014, and noticed a common theme among most of my posts, which was people. I interviewed or featured a lot of people who share the story of science or have unique ways of telling us about science. It is interesting to see that's where my posts had ultimately evolved. I'm proud of what I've done here and look back happily, knowing l had a few stories I shone a light on that were subsequently picked up by other blogs and even news outlets, (for instance, Quantum Levitation, Commander Hadfield's Top 10 Videos, Glittering Nobel Gown ). I will continue to post these kinds of stories at Joanne Loves Science from here on out.

As I look over posts that I've created over the years, here are some of my favorites:

I've shared several enjoyable and thought provoking independent movies with science or nature topics:

The City Dark

“It’s so FLUFFEEE!”: Otter 501, A must-see movie!

The Perfect 46: The Future is Near

The Believers: A Cautionary Tale of Sharing Science Too Soon

I've also enjoyed some fun music videos with science themes:

Monday Music Video: Ph. Diddy is on the scene! An Animated Music Video for Biotech Lab Work

A Capella Science-Rolling in the Higgs

Epic Rap Battle Newton vs. Nye

Monday Music Video: An Epic Battle between Einstein and Hawking

I've shared more than a few posts about space:

At the #NASAtweetup for the Last Shuttle Launch

Moon-day Mood Music Video

Top 10 (+1) Commander Chris Hadfield Videos from the ISS!

8 Space Travel Books Worth Reading, A Video Primer

Other videos of interest

Quantum Levitation–where science videos don’t get any cooler!

The magic of filmmaking (science and otherwise) (Fotoshop by Adobe)

Box–The Synthesis of Real and Digital Space (with Robots!)

During my time blogging here, I independently began my Read Science! Google Hangout on Air venture. Some of these were conducted with SciAm:

A Great Year for SciAm Google Hangouts!

I will be sharing stories like these and more over at Joanne Loves Science, which will soon be updated. If you are here thanks to social media, you'll see the announcement of the website with a better user experience in the upcoming days. Thank you for your support and for taking time to read and share my posts here at SciAm.