Paris is often called the city of love and lights. And if you love science, Pariscience: The International Science Film Festival could really have you loving Paris even more!

Since 2005, The Association Science and Television (AST) has organized the International Science Film Festival, PARISCIENCE, every year in October. It hosts 8,500 viewers for an exceptional and entertaining program of films about the infinite diversity of the sciences. Over the course of six days, October 6-11, you have the opportunity to watch 40 films from all over the world! You can view the program here!

Chemistry will be showcased, notably via the viewpoint of sustainable development and its impact on our daily lives, as part of the International Year of Chemistry.

Pariscience will also celebrate the International Year of Forests, with screenings of films and educational displays.

As part of the carte blanche offered to a foreign broadcaster, the BBC will schedule one film out of competition.

Aidan Laverty, in charge of BBC’s Science Horizon program will lead a workshop for audiovisual professionals.

Three special debates will be organized with a panel of experts in the fields of science, audiovisual and scientific culture, including “Green Chemistry: a sustainable future” and “Chemistry and You” (reserved for middle school and high-school students), with the support of the French Ministry of Research.

Pariscience will also pay tribute to a leading scientist.


  • More than forty scientific films: the world’s best documentaries, animated films, magazines, feature films, short films for all ages, young and old alike... most of which have never been broadcasted in France before.
  • 14 films specially intended for 7 to 18-year olds.
  • Debates with scientists, producers and directors after each screening.
  • Six prizes awarded during the ceremony on October 11 by the Grand Jury, presided by math professor Cédric Villani, winner of the 2010 Fields Medal, a jury of middle school students and a jury of high school students.


  • This event sponsors middle and high school judging of films aimed at the respective age ranges. What an excellent way to get children involved!
  • There will be educational displays about forests and biodiversity for primary school children as well as a chemistry show.

Read more news about the festival here!

Book your plane ticket now or watch their space for movies posted after the festival!