National Geographic is looking for contestants from the NYC area to appear on their show Brain Games.

Brain Games is a science/game/puzzle show! From the bizarre to the surreal, this is a show that will test your brain power in fun ways that you’ve never imagined before. Do you enjoy activities and interactive games that challenge your mind? Do you want to broaden your mind in ways that will make change the way you look at the world? Then this is the show for you.

National Geographic is casting people of all ages for a fun show/ride that tests you in an array of astonishing challenges and experiments. Your brain will be stimulated, fooled, and ultimately amazed, as experts show you how your brain effectively makes you, you. This television program brings together a crack team of scientists and researchers from a wide range of fields. The program also draws on the know-how of those who traffic in brain tricks from illusionists such and artists to bring mind-bending illusion to life.

If you or your friends are interested, please send along your information!

Hurry! They are casting the show for this week so space is limited!

If you are interested, please email Joe Pinzone at