These are some of my favorite videos from 2012. Which were your favorites this past year?

Seven Minutes of Terror. A very well-produced video from NASA about how engineers worked to execute the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover. The science and engineering thinking process came through for them successfully resulting in one of the proudest achievements in space exploration!

Fotoshop by Adobe (I featured it in my article "The Magic of Filmmaking--Science and Otherwise"). This is not exactly science, but the producer, Jesse Rosten, has done nature and science themed videos in the past. An extremely well-produced video making fun of both cosmetic commercials and of the photoshopping trend to enhance the looks of models and actresses!

Acoustic Levitation (from my article here). Sound waves suspend liquid in mid air. What's not cool about this?

Five hours of landing at San Diego Airport in 30 seconds. Why didn't I think of creating this? So simple yet stunning. It looks like a wartime invasion.

What is a Flame? This is the winner of the challenge set forth by Alan Alda asking scientists to explain the answer so an 11 year old could understand! (For 2013, the question is "What is Time?)

Dogs Teach Chemistry (from my post "Hard Science is Going to The Dogs") An adorable way to teach chemistry concepts. I look forward to more from this filmmaker!

Stay tuned to Psi-Vid for more featured science videos in 2013!