In October, I shared the Quantum Levitation video that was making its rounds on the internet. Today, I share with you something of a world tour of quantum levitation videos! Perusing around the internet today I came across a video made by the North Museum of Natural History & Science where it previewed its newest attraction.

This museum purchased the quantum levitator, a circular track of magnets above which the thin disc levitates, for about $7,000 from Tel-Aviv University. The levitator is believed to be the only one of its kind in a United States museum. Jim Ringlein, the museum's curator of science takes some time to explain the mechanics of the apparatus, but doesn't go into the deeper science. For that, see the links within the previous quantum levitation story I posted.


Not surprisingly, this technology has been worked with before, as demonstrated by this levitation train from the University of Sherbrooke in a video posted in early 2007.

A supposed Japan Institute of Science and Technology has created a video called Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe Out Track based on the Playstation game about futuristic anti-gravity racing ships around utopian race circuits. This video takes the quantum levitation technology and adds a little more style. Take this video at entertainment value as the internet word says it is a faked video based on the inability to track down the original researchers. Further word has it is a marketing ploy to promote a new version of this game.

Either way, it is a very well done video whether it is real quantum levitation or computer graphics enhanced.

It's fascinating to watch. It will be interesting whether this technology can be used in the future for fast and efficient transportation.