Everyone has gone crazy for magnetic putty in the past few weeks. I wrote about the virality of a gif of the iron laden putty consuming neodymium magnet recently and the original video from which that was made has been shared far and wide.

Joey Shanks from Joey Shanks FX in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios has made a great piece of creative film using the putty, magnets and other additives and objects to fabulous effect.

Superb lighting and camera angles, seamless timelapse and editing, along with appropriate mood music make this wonder even more engaging to watch!

And really, nothing says uber-trippy like removing the tiny mirrors from the disco ball keychain in the swag bag for SXSW and mixing with the putty for stunning effect.

I suggest you check out his YouTube channel to watch more of his video effects--all done sans CGI, including creating alien atmospheres in a fish tank and planets with dry ice bubbles!

Enjoy this introductory video to his SCI-FLY series. I love that he gives a peek into how he creates the effects so perhaps aspiring FX videographers could test them out as well!

I look forward to seeing more from Joey and PBS Digital Studios in the future.

image: screenshot from youtube video