I'll start by saying that I love my fellow biologists. We are a quirky crowd that has a strong passion for our subject matter, and our subjects. For example, I've been in love with nudibranch gastropods for as long as I can remember. The first time I saw one in the wild was a magical moment for me, and the adoration has not abated. The producers of this week's Monday Music Video have clearly got a similar passion for the platypus, an odd-looking, Australian-inhabiting, semi-aquatic mammal. This parody of Fergie's 'Glamorous' featuring Ludacris is absolutely fantastic. The mood of the main female character is spot on: a great mix of sarcasm, humor and glam. I would have loved to see the lyrics on-screen, and the dubbed sound is a bit off at times, but I'm willing to forgive these issues for the originality, quirk and love for my fellow biologists.

Happy Monday, and enjoy!