The internet is full of re-jigged tunes where people force a narrative of scientific concepts into a recognizable song. We all know many of these can be painful to listen to (or watch if it is in video format).

But today, I have one so well done, I can watch it over and over. I'll admit it is more enjoyable in that I've taken my fair share of biochemistry.

Ben needed to prove he knew about enzymatic inhibition which he couldn't do on his midterm exam, so he wrote clever, catchy lyrics to the "Popular" song from the musical "Wicked". To top it off, he can actually sing!

By the way, I get asked a lot by students which courses to take to be a great biologist. One of my top suggestions is biochemistry. Eminently worthwhile.

My favorite verse:

"Now I must begin

Competitive Inhibition

Substrate and inhibitor fight

For the active site

Apparent Km turns out high

Now we know we can kiss that free energy change goodbye."

Singing begins 2 minutes in, with lyrics provided below!

Lyrics provided by Ben himself:

[Inhibition! ...To the tune of Popular]

When I studied for the midterm I'd forgotten to address

The topic that I skimmed through and bombed it on the test

I see it and my tender heart still cries

Then Professor Villa said there'd be

An extra opportunity

To show we'd learn that topic if we tried

Now this I must admit

I'd underestimated it a bit

That topic that I'd failed so to define

I've opened my mind to learn the

Nature of In-

Hibitors! Enzymatic inhibitors

Counted there're three different kinds

That reversibly bind

And the irreversables

Resemblance of most substrates

React at slower rates

Some don't even react at all

Now I must begin

Competitive Inhibition

Substrate and inhibitor fight

For the active site

Apparent Km turns out high

Now we know we can kiss that free energy change goodbye

But also know apparent Vmax doesn't change

Substrate concentrations overcome at higher range

Unlike the uncompetatives that come out strange

Because it's slower, Apparent Km's lower

Now let us see mechanisms

For uncompetitive inhibitions

Inhibitor never wins

If substrate's not in

The E-S complex like we hear, well, heard

Km over Alpha prime goes

Up through rule Le Chatlier, er

La la, It works great, La la, With more substrate

Which makes the product fail to make

Inhibition mixed you'll see ones

Move in either or directions

Binds to enzyme-substrate complex

Or free enzymes, Raising up apparent Kms

While apparent Vmax drops happen to them

Is that not suicidal

That can't be right

That's irreversible! Please!

Irreversible inhibitors

They never come out the same

Cause they chemically change

Never changing back you'll see

Forever it inhibits the enzyme activity-

Because irreversible inhibitors permanently bind to or damage essential functional groups and may also form a stable noncovalent complex with the enzyme, inhibition cannot therefore be reversed inhibiting most or all binding of the substrate so that the final product will never form which I won't go into because there was only one slide on irreversible inhibitors and I just said everything that was on there.

It was so much fun

Learning inhibition

I know now not to cram

I'm gonna mind and grind it

When comes the final day's exam

La la la la, Biochemistry

Just got way less complicated to me!