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Two weeks ago, I featured an amusing video with a boy band singing about automatic pipettors. From the same production group, CompareNetworks, today we see two videos made for Roche for their xCELLigence System to monitor cellular events. These videos capitalize on the familiarity with the 80s "Hair Band" genre (think Van Halen, Poison, Skid Row, Warrant, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard). I'm much more of an Eagle's fan, in the unlikely case you were wondering. :)

The ability of the video to capture the style of the videos of the 80's (when MTV still played music!) metal power ballad is made possible by the Metal Glam Band, Steel Panthers, who are known for their humorous lyrics and over-the-top stage performances, which you will witness in the videos. The talent is real.

Even if you could care less how cellular impedance is measured, if you've ever watched a metal music video, you will get a giggle from these:

Metal Power Ballad

"Little cells, resting on your plates, tell me how you feel down there, inside

Little cells, I got something to tell you now, so I hope you're listening this time, my loves…."

Metal Rock

And now I'm a fan.