Before everyone gets their feathers ruffled that this casting call is looking for a male, just know he is to be a co-host to a female.

Now that that is clear.....


Major Cable Network dedicated to Nature, Science and Exploration, is currently casting a Co-Host for new project examining the different rituals surrounding death from culture to culture.

Seeking a male between the ages of 25-35, preferably with a background in Archeology, Paleontology or Anthropology.

Though leaning toward casting with background listed above; we are also seeing people with a degree of concentrated study surrounding the aspects of death, (documentary filmmakers, researchers...)

Our co-host adds gravity, quirkiness but is still relate-able to his audience.

If you or someone you know is a perfect fit, please get in touch:

Please include:


Contact Number

Link to Website

Brief Background

Good luck!!!