Ok folks. Sometimes in life, the timing of events cannot be controlled. Last year I created an entire short-film dedicated to the top 'would-be' science stories of 2012, because let's face it, sometimes a really big thing happens that grabs everyone's attention, and stories that happen to come out at the same time are eclipsed. Now, last week, some stuff went down in the sci-comm community. If you don't know about it yet, you obviously live under a stone. Here's something else that happened:

Jesse Bering (fellow Scientific American blogger and author) was a featured guest on Conan O'Brian! I avoided posting about this last week because in addition to the unfortunate timing, Jesse's subject matter is kind of unfortunate too. It's not unfortunate in the sense that the study of sex and sexual deviance is bad, it's again just due to bad timing.

However, this week is a new week and I'm proud to bring it to you in all its glory. Jesse's appearance on a mainstream, high-profile television show is a huge accomplishment. Jesse, I'm sorry for the unfortunate timing - but I offer you my huge congratulations and best wishes for your success!