I was recently chosen to attend the NASAtweetup for the last shuttle launch of Atlantis. I shared the excitement of the event here on the SciAm Guest blog.

Keeping in the theme of our new blog which focuses on science in video, I thought it would be appropriate to include a few shuttle and space travel videos in honor of the last landing of Atlantis.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the space shuttle program, I highly recommend the video, "Ascent", produced by NASA, which is a series of photos seamlessly compiled to create an informative and beautiful documentary.

If you are short on time, enjoy instead "STS-135 Ascent Imagery Highlights" of the very last shuttle launch:

NASA Television describes this video as "Varying and spectacular camera views of space shuttle Atlantis as it lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center on its final mission to the International Space Station."

Wow, watching this again brings back memories of the incredible experience of watching the last launch!

There were many questions asked of the astronauts at the NASA tweetup, some about their experiences of living and working in space. I felt I already knew the answers as I had read Mary Roach's latest book, Packing for Mars.

If you still haven't read it, you might decide to after viewing this quirky book trailer which has won the Moby Award for best "Big House" book trailer.

The Atlantis launch marks the 135th launch in the space shuttle program. A video collage, "134 launches in 134 seconds", recaps the spender and marvel of a shuttle launch.

And finally, I want to share with you a great video produced and hosted by Brian Malow, otherwise known as the "science comedian" who created a personal video about the last launch of Discovery.

Brian Malow on his love affair with space via TIME.com

NASA has done a wonderful job compiling videos for your viewing pleasure, so please visit the video gallery for more about space travel and exploration.