When Sally Ride first took to space on June 18, 1983, I was working in Japan and missed the inevitable media coverage surrounding her historic flight. I was aware, of course, but didn't see the launch and even if I had watched the Japanese news, I'm sure it was not given the airtime that it was in the United States.

Sally Ride, as you should know, was the first American woman in space. A tennis player turned astrophysicist, then astronaut, then educator, she showed us she could do anything because the climate for women was changing. Journalist Lynn Sherr of ABC was there to cover the shuttle launches and the momentous occasion of Sally's first trip into space and was the fortunate to be only journalist given exclusive rights to interview Sally Ride.

Lynn has written a magnificent biography about Sally and Read Science! will be talking with her today on a Google Hangout on Air at noon EDT.

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