We here at PsiVid are very proud to announce the winners of the Cyberscreen Film Festival as presented during the Science Online 2013 Un-conference.

Films were submitted in either the Professional or the Independent category and we required that the submitters need to be considered as part of the Science Online community and the winners were granted a guaranteed spot for attendance at the Science Online 2013.

Winners were selected by our panel of judges which include Brian Malow, Jennifer Ouellette, Kiki Sanford and Henry Reich and myself (Joanne).

So, in brief, here are our winners.

"Step Into An Optical Illusion" from Science Friday was the winner of our professional category at Cyberscreen Film Festival.


Second place in the professional category is "Crowdsourcing Discovery" by Ethan Perlstein.

One of the winners in the independent category is a film called "Monkey See", about color blindness in humans and squirrel monkeys by Neil Loisin.


The other winner in the independent category is "Coastguards: A Wanderlust Film About Sharks" by Austin Gallagher.


These were great and we look forward to next year's contest!