Before we talk TV, I wanted to let everyone know I am paying "blog calls" to each Science Online 2012 attendee. You can follow along which posts I've read and the shoutout I give on my twitter stream. To catch up every 50 calls or so, I will post the list on my own website. The first round is here at "The New Etiquette of Paying a Blog Call". If you are interested in who is writing about science online, this would be a list you'd want to check out. After Science Online 2012, I'll pay calls to those who couldn't attend!

TV producers show up on my "blog doorstep" every so often to see if I'm a good match for a project they are considering. Some have great ideas that never seem to materialize (and this happens A LOT in TV) and some have ideas I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Two casting calls have emerged in recent weeks that might interest PsiVid readers. One is for a show already in successful production, and one is an idea hoping to happen.

The first one has a very narrow category of eligible applicants: Young ladies ages 12-14!

The PBS program SciGirls features teams of girls ages 12-14 who are involved in science activities in their homes and communities! This is a very important age to reach girls about science and their show is quite engaging! They need more inspiring young ladies for their show.

I pitched to this show a few years back with the talented girls who attend the girls engineering camp (GAMES) at the University of Illinois where I am one of the faculty leaders (I originally began the Bioengineering camp five years ago, but am moving on to help develop the Environmental Engineering camp this year!)

Here's some of the information from their online pdf:

"Do you want to be a SciGirl on PBS?

SciGirls is a science TV show for kids produced by Twin Cities Public Television, a PBS affiliate in St. Paul, Minnesota. We’re looking for girls ages 12- 14 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and math. We want to know, what science are you and your friends up to? Tell us. Show us. Either submit on your own video or as a group of up to 4 girls."

If you or some young ladies you know are interested, click on the pdf link above! And by all means, let me know if you make it on the show. I'm a huge supporter of girls pursuing science, even if it is not your career goal!

Follow SciGirls on twitter and like them on Facebook!

Now for those who fancy yourself a cook AND have a science background.

There seem to be no age limits, gender specifications, or deadlines, but you might want to act on this quickly!

The ever-so-geeky Jeff Potter has written a book called Cooking for Geeks. Somehow I missed it for testing and review last year! Arising from this book is an idea for a TV show about the science of cooking! Jeff needs a co-host. Here are the ingredients for the perfect co-host for his show idea American Food Geeks:

  • Be a great home cook. You don't have to be a professional chef (although that'd be okay).
  • Outgoing and fun personality. Bonus points for being adorable and approachable.
  • Curious to learn why certain things work or fail in the kitchen.
  • Have a science background. Practically any type is fine; heck, my background is computer science.

Check out all of his links, follow him on twitter or like him on Facebook, and turn in your resume, headshot and bio to

Good luck to everyone applying for these casting calls. Keep me posted!