Biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are taking a unique approach to presenting biological concepts – and the world is paying attention. As founders and creators of ASAP science, the duo has recently reached a major milestone on their YouTube channel: 10 million views. Upon watching their videos, it’s easy to see why their channel has become such a sensation: colorful, clear diagrams, simple yet informative explanations, and topics people really want to know about.

What really happens in your brain when it’s high on alcohol or marijuana? What is the science behind morning wood? What if we need to resort to plan B or ‘emergency contraception’?

Many of the topics covered by Moffit and Brown are relatable to the masses, which is part of the key to holding the interest of their fans. According to Moffit:

“We want to explain the science behind the coolest things we learned in school, to talk about concepts that really resonate with people”

The formula is working. Check out the excellent work of ASAP science in the examples below, and visit their YouTube channel for many more. It’s clear that a passion for science and a dedication toward a new kind of communication represent a winning combination.