What if artificial intelligence wasn't evil, just misunderstood? This week's Monday Music Video comes to us from John Pavlus, who spins a heartbreaking tale of love in a very unlikely place. Pavlus used the music of Jascha's 'Limited' as a platform to ask the question: Did you ever think you could empathize with an 'unfeeling' machine? With a compilation of footage from science fiction films including 2001: ASpace Odyssey, Robocop, Tron, Moon and WarGames, he weaves a complicated and touching story that causes one to question the identity of the 'real' protagonist. According to Pavlus:

"The idea is that instead of trying (and failing) to design machines to be as smart as we are--to be our equals--we should settle for making them only as "smart" as is necessary to forge simple, positive, useful emotional connections with us, like pets...That way, nobody gets hurt"

I am a huge fan of John Pavlus' ability to intertwine science with graceful storytelling. You can see another feature that I wrote about some of his work HERE. I'm looking forward to what he comes up with next.