This week’s Monday Music Video takes us through the trials and tribulations of being a new student in medical school. A group of 5 ‘survivors’ from Texas A and M Health Science Center College of medicine have created a film that represents their experiences as newbie med students – and it’s well worth a watch. As you know, I often recommend that those creating science parodies keep things on the short side, as production value tends to take a nose dive approximately 2/3 of the way through. This film however, is an example of a high quality, extremely entertaining piece that is well deserving of 9 minutes of your time. With very little repetition, refreshing graphics and a progressing storyline, this video makes use of the entire duration of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Fun aspects to watch out for include personal touches – nods to their first-year professors (many of whom make cameo appearances), fantastic student characters that are well portrayed, and an enticing smarmy tone of sarcasm and fun. I LOVE the subtleties like when they are singing about how ‘grades do not matter’, only patient care matters – you get a clear wink from one of the students. It’s as if he’s saying ‘oh please, grades are the ONLY thing that matters’. It’s a great story told with a seriously high level of production saavy, I’m sure you will enjoy!


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