Heads up! I'll be attending the inaugural Texas Tribune Festival this Saturday and Sunday covering the energy and environment panels and talks. The Texas Tribune is a non-profit media publication that reports on U.S. and Texas news and politics.

The lineup is full of heavy hitters in the world U.S. and Texas environmental and energy policy. U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) will kick things off with a keynote Saturday morning. You can read the speaker bios over at the Texas Tribune Festival website. Here is the full list of talks:

San Antonio Is Energy City

The Coming Crisis Over Water

Is Clean Energy An Oxymoron?

An Energy Plan For Texas

Movie Screening - Haynesville: A Nation's Hunt For An Energy Future

Big Oil and National Security

The E.P.A. vs Texas

The Pickens Plan 2.0

How Green Is My City?

Check back here over the weekend for updates from the Festival. I'll also be posting shorter, more timely updates on Twitter. Follow me @davidwogan.