Sometimes humor is the most effective way to point absurdities in our culture and behavior as a species (think about how much more palatable The Daily Show makes the news!). Present example, this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal pokes fun at how we feel the need to bottle or package everything, in this case, it's bottled water.

Personally, I think we take packaging too far. Does everything we buy need to be individually wrapped in cellophane? I know there are legitimate health concerns that warrant packaging food; of course meat and other perishables should be packaged to prevent spoilage and contamination. But at a certain point it becomes absurd when we are packaging single-serving cups of coffee concentrate (the K-Cup). And not to mention the resources used to produce all of these single-serving bottles or wrappers (usually petroleum or paper), that will likely end up in a landfill (or a recycling yard if we're lucky).

Perhaps it's more convenient to buy single servings of things (like water, or coffee) and dispose of it when it's used up, rather than brew a whole pot of coffee, or heaven forbid, drink faucet water (gross!). I just have a feeling (no data, yet) that K Cups and its kin are the new baby diapers - piling up in landfills for no real good reason.

Am I just making something out of nothing? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter: @davidwogan.