It has been another busy year here at Plugged In.

All told, the team – Melissa, Robert, Sheril, and Tali – published 158 pieces on topics related to energy and the environment. We also welcomed a new blog editor, Michael Lemonick, and a redesigned Scientific American website.

Thanks to each of you for visiting the blog, reading our articles, and taking the time to get in touch via comments and e-mails over the past year. By the numbers, here are your top ten 10 favorite articles from Plugged In from 2015 (measured by total 2015 readership):

1. Stanford Researchers Unveil New Ultrafast Charging Aluminium-Ion Battery by Robert Fares on April 14, 2015

2. What Does Tesla’s Powerwalk Really Mean for the Grid? by Robert Fares on May 14, 2015

3. U.S. Solar is Producing 50% More Electricity Than We Thought by Melissa C. Lott on June 30, 2015

4. Three Reasons Why Hawaii Put the Brakes on Solar – and Why the Same Won’t Happen in Your State by Robert Fares on December 15, 2015

5. Young Scientist Makes Jet Engines Leaner and Cleaner With Plasma by Melissa C. Lott on July 31, 2015 by Melissa C. Lott

6. Solar is Changing the Game by Sheril Kirshenbaum on January 5, 2015

7. Why the VW #DieselGate Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg, Part 1 by Tali Trigg on September 30, 2015

8. Methane Leakage from Natural Gas Supply Chain Could Be Higher Than Previously Estimated by Robert Fares on July 13, 2015

9. Bulk Energy Storage Would Increase Total U.S. Electricity System Emissions by Robert Fares on August 17, 2015

10. Over 3 out of 4 Americans Now Acknowledge Climate Change Is Occurring – Including the Majority of Republicans by Sheril Kirshenbaum on October 20, 2015

Happy New Year! All the best to each of you in 2016!