A New York City apartment - 420 square feet and eight "rooms." Also equipped with a bit of solar power with battery energy storage to charge up your cell phone and power a light or two. This is the home of treehugger.com and lifeedited.com founder Graham Hill.

One of the keys to Hill's apartment is creating functional spaces or "rooms." The overall floorplan is simple, with moving walls and lots of built in storage.

Room #1 - Living room

Room #2 - Office

Rooms #3 & 4 - Bedroom & Guest Bedroom

With privacy curtains

Room #5 - Dining room

Room #6 - Bathroom (with walk-in shower)

Room #7 - Toilet (and private conversation space)

With a flip down bench for private conversations.

Room #8 - Kitchen

And - for those who want to incorporate local generation into their apartment, Hill has also included a small solar panel (on the window frame outside) with battery storage for charging his electronics and powering a small light.

To see this apartment in action, one can take a look at the youtube video posted by GIZMODO.

Photo credit: All photos by Matthew Williams for LifeEdited and used with permission.