Regular readers know that I often write about the intersection of energy and politics, especially when we're gearing up for an election.

Historically, science and technology issues were often treated as a special interest or altogether ignored in politics. However, times have changed. A new nationally representative poll out today commissioned by Research!America and ScienceDebate* suggests that Americans want to hear more about research, innovation and global leadership from candidates. For example, the vast majority of Americans (86%) agree with the statement:


In fact, 87% say it's important that candidates for President and Congress have a basic understanding of the science informing public policy issues. And this isn't a partisan sentiment, but a priority across parties:

Make sure to read more from the full survey and scroll through some of the findings.

The results of this poll reveal that Americans are keenly interested in the science and technology policy priorities of candidates running for office. And personally, I hope they address a myriad of related topics shaping how we live over the coming decades.

Regardless, what all of us--and presidential hopefuls--can be sure of is that when it comes to science policy in the next election, voters are certainly paying attention.

* Full disclosure: I serve as executive director of ScienceDebate.