As previously discussed here on Plugged In, there are a number of excellent podcasts available for energy enthusiasts. Here are two recent episodes for those looking for additions to their weekend (or commuting) playlist:

1. Coal is Losing. But Coal Country Doesn’t Have to Lose, Too. ~ The Energy Gang by Greentech Media

A lot of attention is being paid to coal this week with President Trump’s move to roll-back on U.S. climate change commitments made during the previous administration. This week, the Energy Gang explores the struggles in the coal industry both domestically and around the world --- asking the question “can we say that peak coal has arrived?” and exploring pland to help communities where coal lies at the heart of the local economy.

2. Planet Money – Episode 759: What’s it Worth to You?

The focus of this podcast isn’t solely on energy – but the topic comes up quite frequently, including in this episode where the hosts explore what President Trump’s plan to spent $1 billion means relative to previous national-scale projects.

All of these podcasts are free for download at the links provided.

Happy listening!