I was once caught staring at energy efficiency guru Amory Lovins’ pocket protector, and without blinking he said, “Yes, it’s full frontal nerdity.”

There was something refreshing about that sentiment, so let me similarly make my intentions clear: in joining SciAm Blogs, I hope to bring you some unnoticed news and engage you on a variety of topics on energy and transport (my areas of nerdity), as well as hot topics such as climate change negotiations to somewhat orphaned topics including behavioral science and parking management.

It might get a bit irreverent (I’m a pretty big Slate fan), and I like taking a closer look at unpopular point-of-views. For example, in a post coming soon I will be taking down the ever-popular and ever-hyped autonomous vehicle. Want to guess how many tech-loving hearts that will break?

And I do want to hear from you. So as a first survey of who is reading this (I'll share the anonymous aggregate results next week), if you had to give up one item, would it be [click to take survey]:

A) Your smartphone

B) TV (what’s that?)

C) Car (assuming you own one, or other vehicle if you do not)

D) Laptop/tablet

In the meantime, I want to give a big thanks to fellow bloggers Melissa Lott and David Wogan for introducing me to the community and letting me guest blog previously, here, here, and here.

Look forward to seeing you here again!