Demark set a new record for electricity generation for wind in 2015, generating the equivalent of 42% of the country’s annual electricity demand using wind power. The previous record for annual wind generation as a percentage of total demand was 39% in 2014 (also set by Denmark).

According to analysts, this record was made possible by a quite windy year compared to 2014. It was also set in spite of two major offshore wind farms – Anholt and Horns Rev 2 - being offline for extended periods of time (1 and 2 months, respectively) due to cable faults. Without these faults, analysts estimate that Denmark would have generated 43.5% of its electricity using wind power.

Wind power generation as a percentage of total electricity demand in
Denmark (2005 – 2015) from

Over the past decade, wind power generation as a percentage of total demand in Denmark has more than doubled. Furthermore, thanks grid interconnections with neighbouring countries, Denmark has been able to export significant amounts of power. For example, according to official statistics, on the 26th of July, Denmark’s wind turbines produced 138.7% of the countries total electricity consumption between 6-7 AM, with the excess power being exported to its neighbors.

Offshore wind in Hellerup, Hovedstaden, Denmark by CGP Grey (CC 2.0)