I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ?. Enjoy.

How Much Would It Cost to Build the Starship Enterprise? A lot This is the Z-Machine. It uses massive bursts of electricity to create and study x and gamma rays Best engineered table? ? The pilot, taking this ridiculous turn, goes from weighing maybe 180 pounds to weighing 1620 pounds Fracking Can Be Done Safely, but Will It Be? Unlike Harley Quinn, these harlequins are actually dangerous, to other ladybugs Just found it again and had to share: The best picture of Central Park What acid on film looks like ? Is Homosexuality Natural? Yes. So is male lactation. I really like this series. Long exposure lava is lovely Misophonia: Enraged by Everyday Sounds. For me it's people eating apples. Why science? Because 3D scans of butterfly metamorphosis How science could realize Mass Effect's genophage. "I am the very model of a scientist Solarian..." ? An Open Letter to Animal Planet: Learn The Difference Between Real and Fake Monsters When we discovered this supernova in 1604, it was brighter than everything in the night sky except the Moon and Venus The coolest turtle has a moss mohawk I imagine this is what bailing on a skateboard really feels like Watching the spire being put on the Freedom Tower gives me serious acrophobia Male Black Widows Sniff Out Femme Fatales. It's smell or die! The Science of Earth and the Human Policies that Change It ? Magnet People: How Do They Work? ? Oh it's nothing much, just a dust devil on MARS Forget a pizza in an oven, and it will evolve into a fungal jelly Vaccines work. The numbers prove it Before you saw this GIF, I bet you didn't know that a magnesium flint is the coolest thing ever This tree of life drawing is not what you expect, and is wonderfully detailed You're a fish, minding your own business and then BAM! Death by Kingfisher ? An ode to a "hopeful monster," and a lovely explainer on mutant dandelion genetics I know this is just an Internet GIF, but does this really work? Can I trap flies with a marker? ? Treebeard Joins the NRA. Yes, that Treebeard, and yes, that NRA. I am going to try this: How to draw your hand in 3D ? Death By Lens Flare: Drink Into Darkness. The Star Trek drinking game that will kill you This bleeding glacier is literally the most metal thing I've seen today Was Commander Hadfield's "Space Oddity" cover the most expensive music video ever? Not so fast Accurately Mapping the Geology of Skyrim. Quite a project Why you do this to my eyes J.J. Abrams!? Which meme is the rest of the universe repeating right now? How airplane wings work, GIFified. Go ahead, say it, "GIFified" Lightning strikes the Grand Canyon, I sit in awe A real-time map of unregistered Wikipedia edits What can Iron Man teach us about the potential dangers of 3D printing? ? All you need to convince someone that WiFi is making them sick is a headband and an antenna If you haven't watched Commander Hadfield cover David Bowie yet, do. The perfect man to make the oddity real. Batman street art is the best street art 10 reasons why time travel is no good, courtesy of puppets Surprisingly, this N64 game had 100% perfect orbital mechanics The film science behind "Rikering." It actually makes a lot of sense ? Awesome infographic showing how long it would take famous sci-fi ships to reach nearby stars and galaxies The psychology behind why you see a dog in a pile of dots
I propose the Whedon unit to equal Show potential/Show run. Firefly=10 Whedons, Star Trek TNG=1 Whedons, Ghost Hunters=0.001 Whedons.
If the Earth was controlled by the Empire, how would it handle the Enterprise? How dog tongues work, GIFified "Homeopaths Without Borders" should be called "Visitors Without Medicine" The term "billion" is thrown around a lot, so here is a tidy infographic comparing all the billions you hear about Would the pen be mightier than the sword if the pen were your finger? The Gaboon pit viper has 2-inch fangs and a blacker than black nano-structured camouflage. Sleep tight ? Fantastic piece on breast cancer risk and reality: Angelina Jolie, meet Nate Silver This is what you look like when you speak. In other words, weird/gross Video of "shimmering" behavior in giant honey bees from this 2011 paper is so cool
If the second evolution of a Pokemon is the "adolescent" form, technically, this makes Wartortle a teenage mutant ninja Squirtle.
? I could watch this caterpillar GIF all day, really LiveScience tackles homeopathy, finds what every skeptic has been saying for years The first x-class solar flare of the year is the prettiest thing you'll see today Why isn't everything made of memory metal!? Need to name a favorite kind of cloud? Let me help. This is your favorite Remember that XKCD comic that would update every so often? It's been updating for the last 50 days straight ? The fastest animal alive is a dinosaur that catches other dinosaurs in mid air and eats them. It's a good world What if you were born in space? What would you look like? How would you develop? ? These GIFs from Cassini are better than any sci-fi magic You'll be astounded how much activity proceeds just a 1-second lightning strike