This is a science and pop culture blog where I try to let geekery run free. I've had a Superman press conference, a oncology seminar with the Zerg, and even a tragedy with Firefly. You awesome readers have proved to me time and time again that no matter how nerdy we want to get, someone will love us for it. Now I need your help. Due to some unforeseen consequences (bonus points for HL2 reference), I need to change the name of this blog. Actually, I want you to rename it. It's part reducing confusion among other sites on the web, part pop culture experiment. Here's the deal: By the end of this week, submit a comment below including your suggestion of the name new for this blog and your email address (if you free register with SciAm you can include an email). The best submission will win this very trendy "Because Science" t-shirt that I designed along with a professional artist (a unisex large):

Your submission can range from a single word to a phrase (make sure someone else hasn't already taken it!), but I need your help in capturing the essence of what I try to do here. I've been racking my brain without success, now you're my only hope (double bonus points for A New Hope reference). I look forward to seeing what you nerds come up with.