It's Octopus Chronicles' 88th post!

To celebrate, I've gone on an all-arms hunt through the deep crevasses of the internet to find eight of my favorite octopus videos. Some are old classics (such as Roger Hanlon's amazing, reverse-vanishing octopus) and others are new and stunning—and one even features an octopus walking (slithering?) on land. Really, what better way to start the weekend?

So without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy these eight marvelous views into the world of these most mysterious creatures.

8. Watch out, humans, these octopuses have learned how to use tools:

7. Octopuses really can squeeze themselves through tiny spaces—watch this one slink out of a one-inch hole in no time flat (or, should we say, squished?):

6. This octopus expands its hunting territory by venturing, awkwardly, out on land:

5. See if you can spot this common octopus in its uncommonly amazing disguise:

4. Two octopuses duke it out over mistaken identity:

3. Dance, adorable coconut octopus, dance:

2. Watch a mimic octopus pretend to be a flatfish:

1. Cheers! But don't let your weekend end like this octopus's: slowly emerging from a beer bottle:

Bonus: Check out this awesome sticky-armed octopus that steels a diver's camera (to a great soundtrack, naturally):

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