Mystery Micrograph revival time! Y'all failed the previous one, but fear not -- there are plenty more to come! The subject of the last puzzle, shown below, is the surface of a testate amoeba -- namely, the organic test of Arcella spp. The hint post provides a more general view of the cells. The elevated 'ridges' around the honeycomb are a combination of cement and small pores -- too small to be resolved by light, but visible in the SEM in the middle of this ToLWeb page).

Now that that's out of the way... time for a new one! I expect to hear more than just *crickets* this time (besides, crickets aren't known for their protistological prowess). Tell me -- who's the vandal who made these holes in the fungal hyphae in this scanning electron micrograph?

Good luck! Scalebars included in the image. (Citation to follow upon solving.)