"The brain holds on to false facts, even after they have been retracted"

—Valerie Ross, "Lingering Lies: The Persistent Influence of Misinformation," Scientific American MIND, July 2011

Lingering lies and entirely false scientific statements sometimes make a bigger impact on the public, policy, elections and scientific practice than do the facts themselves. How often have you witnessed a public figure make a false or inaccurate scientific claim? Chances are, many uninformed listeners of such statements will pass on what they "learned" to others in their social circles and peer groups causing a fib to go viral.

Want to join in? Whether such statements in the news amuse you or you want to put an end to all misinformation, please send the latest examples of "stupid science statements" that you have observed to submit@sciam.com. We will consider publishing submissions, with your permission and credit, of course.

Please include brief information in your e-mail on who made the statement, when it was made and a URL or other source where it has been documented.

Image credit: Bryan Wright, Flickr