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Today in class no springs no mass there are lessons I’d like to revisit.

It’s vital to me that you truly see implications of laws of physics.

You know how they work, you've done your homework, today’s for a much deeper dive.

The laws that I teach, the equations I preach, they govern all things in our lives.

They are your tools, stick to their rules, for your sake do not betray them.

For sinners their ignorance made no difference, and since they didn’t obey them- 

They live in hell and where they dwell their punishments fit their crimes.

Each sinner’s afflicted by sins he committed and will until the end of time.


Those who violated Newton’s third law of motion:

First here we find the people in life who never returned what was given.

They took people’s nice and didn’t think twice to help those they met on their mission.

Selfish with others which caused them to suffer the games that they played never fair.

Giving ignored like a frictionless floor so in hell they have no third law pair.

They walk in one place and no matter their pace they’ll never reach where their going.

Are you starting to see why physics indeed is filled with the things worth our knowing? 

Reciprocal giving, now thats truly living, but they never realized this fact.

When an object exerts a force in its course the second exerts one back!


Those who were not ideal gases:

And here can be found those who through ups and downs didn't find good in their circumstance.

When life became fraught they didn't adopt a clear optimistic stance.

When dealt a bad hand or things weren't as planned they turned into saddened complainers.

Their lives didn't pass as an ideal gas, expanding to fill their their containers.

Relinquishing power they chose to stay sour, negative down and embittered.

In death they are doomed to small spaces in rooms that actually are much bigger.

If they could have found silver lining abound or used bad as a chance to create,

They would be free from confinement you see ideal gases don’t maintain fixed shape!

Credit: Lisa Einstein

Those who violated the 2nd Law of thermodynamics:

Finally we reach a thrashing beast standing guard at a massless door.

You sorted your friends? You’ll be sorted then in buckets that freeze or scold.

Maxwells demon sorts this legion they never grasped empathy.

Rigid in truths however uncouth with no effort lowering entropy.

Perhaps by sorting as good or as bad they thought they were being pragmatic.

But life is complex and they seemed to forget the laws of thermodynamics.

Before you decide to categorize becoming a partisan sorter.

Remember in fact there's more to it than that-processes move to disorder!


Now diligent students you see why you're prudent in choosing to take physics class. 

It may take up time and challenge your mind, but you will all have the last laugh.