At Scientific American, we appreciate the value of a good experiment. So in May, we launched Bring Science Home as a series of free science activities for parents to do together with their six- to 12-year-old kids. We made sure the activities would be fun and easy to do, so families could complete them in an hour or less and usually with items or ingredients they already had around the house. We waited nervously for the results—and were delighted by the warm response. The series was so popular, we decided to make it a regular feature on the Web site on Thursdays. And today, we launch!

For those who've already enjoyed Bring Science Home, welcome back. You'll find the same types of hands-on fun with science here. In addition, we're now offering terrific activities from partners such as CityScience, Crazy Aunt Lindsey, Science Buddies and others. We'll also be posting videos from time to time, so you can see the kids and adults in action.

In the coming weeks, look for posts on how to test the color of autumn leaves, on the principles behind a suspension bridge and lots of others. Want to know more about Scientific American's education efforts? Check out my October editor's letter.