Cambridge Consultants, a technology product design and development firm, had several prototype gadgets on display at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including a real-time hydration alert developed for a new "smart" water bottle and a wi-fi Internet radio that works without knobs, buttons or dials.

Cambridge developed the i-dration bottle for tech-savvy people trying to stay fit. Intelligent sensors in the i-dration bottle can be used to monitor the external temperature, drinking frequency and quantity, and this data is then sent via Bluetooth to its user's smart phone. In the video below, Rachel Harker, a Cambridge business development manager, gives a demonstration of the i-dration prototype from the CES show floor.


As for the Q2 Cube wi-fi Internet radio, Harker demonstrates in the following video how consumers can choose stations by flipping the cube from one of its six sides to another. Volume is controlled by tilting the box forward or backward.