Want your image to appear worldwide on Earth Day this April 22? The Earth Day Network has launched a photomosaic Web site depicting “the face of climate change.” The site is accumulating photos that reflect society’s concerns about our planet. Photos can show people, animals and places that are being affected or threatened by climate change, or individuals who are taking action to combat climate change.

The final mosaic will be shown at numerous Earth Day events across the planet. The intention is “to unite thousands of Earth Day events around the world into one call for climate action,” says Franklin Russell, a director at the network. Tweets using the hashtag #FaceOfClimate will also run alongside the mosaic.

To post photos, upload them to Twitter or Instagram using the #FaceOfClimate hashtag, or submit them to a dedicated Web page. Captions are encouraged. The mosaic can also be seen here as it grows between now and April 22. Each image gives the location of where it was taken. Double-clicking on a photo reveals its caption.

Photo courtesy of Takver on Wikimedia Commons