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Are You A Pre-crastinator?

Each of us, at times, can be a procrastinator, putting off something that is hard to do or that we don't want to do. But three researchers at Pennsylvania State University think we humans may also be precrastinators—hurrying to get something done so we can cross it off our mental to-do list, even if the [...]..

September 23, 2014 — Mark Fischetti

300,000-Plus People March for Climate Action, In Pictures

The Sunday morning rush hour is not usually known for packing people into subway cars like sardines. But September 21, 2014 was not your average Sunday commute as hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, Americans from across the country and foreign contingents converged on Columbus Circle and Central Park West for the People’s Climate March...

September 22, 2014 — David Biello

Baby Sea Turtles Tracked with Hair-Extension Glue [Video]

Hatchling sea turtles face daunting odds in surviving to adulthood, and only a few find a way. Just where they go to find food and hide from predators has remained a mystery until earlier this year, when Kate Mansfield, a biologist at the University of Central Florida, came up with a novel way to stick [...]..

September 2, 2014 — Philip Yam

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