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Not bad science

Not bad science

New discoveries in animal behavior and cognition

Felicity Muth is an early-career researcher, with broad interests within animal behaviour, cognition and evolution.

Originally from London, Felicity moved to Edinburgh to study Zoology as an undergraduate, where she became interested in animal behaviour, as well as starting popular science writing. In 2008 she won the Daily Telegraph Science Writer Award for this article. She then did a PhD in animal cognition at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Specifically, she focused on how birds know how to build nests, and what aspects of building a nest they might learn. To work this out, she conducted research with Southern masked weaver birds in Botswana, and with captive zebra finches. During her PhD, Felicity started her 'not bad science' blog communicating the newest discoveries in animal behaviour and cognition science.

Since finishing her PhD at the end of 2012, Felicity worked firstly at the University of Arizona, and then at the University of Nevada, Reno on bumblebee behaviour. For up-to-date info on what research she is doing, see her professional page

Felicity's banner image was created by Amy Deacon

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