Everyone knows that Young Earth Creationism has firmly established that the age of the universe is approximately 6,000 years, as illuminated by the obviously-better-than-radio-carbon-dating method of counting all the begats in the Good Book. But who knew that pursuing this logic further would allow us to extrapolate not only a detailed and explicit geochronology, but also an estimate of the actual dimensions of the universe? According to the calculations of former Harvard visiting fellow Russel Seitz, "The Universe must be 12,022 light-years across!"
The BCC Theory Of Everything applies the rigorous equation D=2R to the scientifically impeccable premise that it takes light a year to travel a light year. As the radius of the Universe R, equals the number of light years since Genesis : ~4004+2007=6,011 ... The really good news about light taking just 12,022 years to traverse the the whole shebang is that volume of The Biblically Correct Universe scarcely exceeds a trillion cubic light-years. The wonderfully modest cube root of this figure puts the stars only one thousandth of a light year apart-- barely a billion miles, making interstellar travel a present reality, as every space probe launched since Star Trek The Movie must by now have left several hundred stars astern
Too bad any opportunity we might have had to explore all that newly-accessible intergalactic territory will be precluded by the coming apocalypse. >> Beneath The Planetarium Of The Apes | Adamant