If you're watching the snow come down in the northeastern U.S., like we are here at 60-Second Science, you probably can't see tonight's perigee moon, which we posted about earlier. Find out more about this phenonemon here.

But never fear: skygazers around the world have taken some great photos, and we've gathered some of them in these links. Comment on this post with links to your own pics—or send them to us at Twitter at http://twitter.com/sciam—and we'll update. (Thanks to Twitterer cosmos4u for sending some of these to us on Twitter.)

—Seemingly up-close photos from German site Astrotreff

-- K. Raghunathan's photos from spaceweather.com

-- A photo by Tavi Greiner

-- A photo by bluecream of the moon near London

-- William Chin's photos from spaceweather.com

-- Photos by Hani$ham

-- Kudoskid0511's photo from Flickr

-- From Las Vegas, maslowbeer's photo

-- In southern Nevada, a photo of the moon by TruckerTwotimes

-- Photos by iamfast

-- A slideshow of photos by Phys, on Flickr

-- Astroslacker's shots

-- A collection of pictures from revrev on Flickr

-- The moon near Tucson, Arizona, in photos by commenter Miss Giggles

-- Photos by commenter npdunavan

-- A photo (and another one) by commenter Sagemark

-- The moon behind a Greek castle (and another) by George Tarsoudis

-- A photo from Heber. Utah, by BWJones at Flickr

-- A photo of the moon over Jerusalem on January 12

-- Angela Huang's photo of the perigee moon

And here are shots of last December's perigee.

Photo of tonight's perigee moon by CytecK via Flickr