NASA Or at least not as bad as some might fear. That's the main message I took away from last week's State of the Planet conference (though it is also clear that the planet is in a perilous state when it comes to energy, food and global warming.) But judge for yourself. You can either view the talks here or peruse my notebook style updates: What is the state of the planet and the people on it? Kofi Annan: the peacemaker and his green revolution Do the impoverished need industry? War recedes, but turns crueler Why the search for oil will never stop Beware the military-industrial complex and climate change Will the U.S. solve the climate change problem? A memo to the next president U.S. Will Approve New Nuclear Reactors Trading greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S. Man-made trees and shells will save us from climate change Food versus fuel, or can we have both? Don't expect the Arctic to be a frozen waste much longer