With the recession grinding into its 17th official month, a lot of things are on sale right now – including male sex cells.

In a move unprecedented in its history, Xytex, one of the oldest sperm and tissue banks in the U.S., is offering a steep discount on sperm: up to $200 off, for a net price of between $250 and $350 per vial.

Unfortunately, the discount only applies to sperm from donors with large inventory, thanks to multiple donations and/or an unusually high sperm count and quality.

"We're all feeling the effects of the economy and, especially for families seeking reproductive options, every dollar counts, " Xytex spokesperson Danielle Moores told AFP, explaining why the company took the step.

According to Gayle Taylor of Growing Generations, an egg and sperm bank based in Los Angeles, 80 percent of women under age 35 and 50 percent of women between the ages of 35 and 40 become pregnant using donor sperm after eight cycles of treatment with donor sperm.

This suggests that even after a steep discount, a course of donor sperm from Xytex will cost the average woman several thousands of dollars, depending on her age.

Image: Wikimedia Commons