I'm proud to announce that Scientific American just launched a new site. It's not under the same domain name, because, well, it's a bit of a departure. Hopefully in a good way. Think of it as the Old Navy to Scientific American's Banana Republic. (Does that make sciam.com the Gap? Does anyone else besides me know that they're all owned by the same company?) Inspired by Steve Mirsky's hit podcast 60 Second Science, which is now available at its new home on its own channel at the new site, as well as via an in-page player on the homepage and, for those of you who are so inclined, via a new 60 Second Science widget... I bring you the greatest hits of the first couple weeks of life of 60secondscience.com: Cat genome sequenced, hit musical adaptation in the works Katrina-style disaster impending in Iraq? 24% of Americans would rather date Facebook than you Big spiders kill little spiders with fear Marijuana is an antidepressant at low doses Supervolcanic time bomb (aka Yellowstone) has side benefit: keeping US safe from earthquakes Congress takes on superbugs Mobius in motion Anatomy of a child molester: well, he tends to be short Anyway, it's a work in progress. Thanks in advance for any feedback (good or bad) you have on the new site, which you can leave in the comments here or over at 60secondscience.com.