Here at Scientific American, the fate of Earth is an important part of our coverage, from our new publication, Earth 3.0, to a grand plan for solar energy, to daily reporting on climate change. Sometimes, we send reporters to bring back first-hand accounts of these and other issues, as David Biello did from China and Merrill Goozner did from Siberia last summer. 

But sometimes it makes sense for news orgs to collaborate to get the biggest bang for their buck and best serve readers and viewers.  So we’ve been working with CNN, which debuts the next episode of its series Planet in Peril Thursday night, December 11, at 9 P.M. Eastern time. (Full disclosure: My wife is a writer at the network’s Anderson Cooper 360.)

One segment of Planet in Peril deals with the food crisis, covered in our In-Depth Report here. Last year, the series reported on the future of Earth’s polar regions, which we tackle in our own report here, including blogs from a Columbia University scientist in Antarctica now.

Tune in to CNN Thursday night, and stay tuned to our In-Depth Reports for ongoing coverage. In the meantime, here’s a trailer from Planet in Peril.