We all know that Rush Limbaugh--global warming skeptic, proud owner of multiple SUVs--has been ridin' dirty for as long as he's been on the radio. So it's no surprise that large swaths of the blogosphere find it highly ironic that Rush did an ad for GM in which he talks about how much he loves him some GM SUVs, and without missing a beat, touts GM's forward-thinking, environmentally friendly practices. But if it's gotten to the point that even this conspicuously anti-environmentalist bloviator, whose fans run to the millions, is all up in the green space, isn't that progress? Regardless, until either 1) the U.S. government revamps the CAFE standards so that the U.S. is no longer dead last in the world in terms of fuel efficiency or 2) Americans stop buying gas guzzlers and start snapping up more fuel-efficient vehicles, it's not like any substantive changes are going to occur. I for one welcome the greenwashing of everything in sight... wait, no I don't. (Check out Rush's excellent diction and completely unironic delivery for yourself.)