[Re-posted from Greenery & Other Fine Things to Look At] It's time to play name the "son of Kyoto!" Will it be the Bali Breakthrough? Gratuitous Bali photo © David Biello Or, dare I say it, the Copenhagen Consenus (not Lomborg's but some kind of consensus treaty negotiated in that fair city in 2009)? Who cares? Either is better than the much derided Kyoto Protocol which, I'll grant, has a certain spy thriller appeal but at this point is outpaced in sexiness by an Al Gore PowerPoint slide. A sad state of affairs. So let's come up with a sexy name for a global climate treaty. Branding, people, branding. BONUS (serious) QUESTION: What kind of agreement would you like to see? For some, it's no climate treaty at all"”poppycock on your confounded carbon dioxide tomfoolery. For others, it's a radical shift in the modern way of life"”back to the land bro to the nth degree. For me, I'll utter that dread word"”tax"”a carbon one that is. Flexible to changing conditions (things get even more out of hand, just up the tax); agnostic to sources or location and totally politically unpalatable. Huzzah! What about you?